Thursday, March 31, 2011


the sun is shining
so happy today to see the sunshine
i feel as happy as these yellow tulips
why does the sun feel so good?
looking forward to a nice weekend
conference and some family time
maybe a little digging in the dirt in the backyard
hope the sun shines on your day.

Monday, March 21, 2011


yesterday we celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary we looked so young, we were young, Jeff was 23 and I was 20 where did the years go, and wedding styles have really changed we have had 24 wonderful years together we have lived in Logan, Provo, Maryland and Orem owned two homes, presently in our home for 15 years four great children, who we love and adore and learn from daily many great travels, favorites being St. John and Kauai, Hawaii so many great memories we have laughed and cried together we have supported and loved we have given and taken we have been truly blessed Jeff, thanks for asking me to marry you and loving me looking forward to the next 24 years Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011



mitch started as a varsity player yesterday
against Springville High,
it was raining at the beginning of the game,
by the end of the 1st half it was snowing.
Unlucky for us that we were home and in our WHITES
yes thats what I said WHITES.
I never thought that his uniform would come clean,
I had resorted to the fact that I would be buying another uniform
lucky for Mitch, I am a laundry guru
rinsed FOUR different times in oxy-clean
and a hour and half later, soaking in oxy-clean,
placed in the washer for the first wash, pre-wash with oxy-clean
placed in the washer for the second wash with Bleach and spray-n-wash
it can still be called WHITE.
it was all worth it for the
2-1 in overtime
great game boys!
mitch going in for the slide against Jake (quickie) winning is such a great feeling


many of you who are facebooks friends
have already seen this,
but for those of you who aren't
Ally and Collins wedding was published
see all the details and photos
here @
search under A Utah Winter Wedding
such a great day
such a great memory

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


i wish i had this powder room.
this is such a BEAUTIFUL bathroom
especially love the marble floor,
all of my bathrooms will have marble floors