Monday, March 21, 2011


yesterday we celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary we looked so young, we were young, Jeff was 23 and I was 20 where did the years go, and wedding styles have really changed we have had 24 wonderful years together we have lived in Logan, Provo, Maryland and Orem owned two homes, presently in our home for 15 years four great children, who we love and adore and learn from daily many great travels, favorites being St. John and Kauai, Hawaii so many great memories we have laughed and cried together we have supported and loved we have given and taken we have been truly blessed Jeff, thanks for asking me to marry you and loving me looking forward to the next 24 years Happy Anniversary!


  1. i wore that SAME hat!! hahaha.... looks better on you tho!
    jeff totally looks like one of your boys in this pic. how cute are you two???
    we're headed to hawaii to celebrate our 31st (on mar 28th). come with us!!! we would have soooo much fun!

    actually we go to hawaii for our anniversary every year. why don't you plan to go celebrate with us next year?

  2. Holly~ I remember this day so well! I was so excited that you guys invited me to sit at "the book" with Cherrie Cozzens at your reception. What a privilege for a seven year old, thank you!

    Congrats on 24!